UAWD is publishing unofficial results from the 2022 UAW International Executive Board (IEB) Elections live from the vote count in Dayton, OH, which is starting on Tuesday, November 29.

Click on the region tabs below to view local-by-local results. This spreadsheet is updated by the team of observers at the vote count sent by UAWD and UAW Members United.

For questions, please contact UAWD at [email protected]. You can also view the results on the UAW Members United website.

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Unite All Workers for Democracy (UAWD) is a grassroots movement of UAW members united in the common goal of creating a more democratic and accountable union. We believe the rank-and-file must be the highest authority in the UAW, whether at our Conventions, the bargaining table, or on the shop floors of our workplaces across the country.

UAWD advocated for—and won—a One Member One Vote (also known as direct elections) system of electing our International Executive Board (IEB). We proudly voted to endorse the UAW Members United team of reformers in the historic IEB elections this year. In 2023, we’re building a movement to take on the Big Three and support members to improve working conditions in their local unions. Join UAWD today or sign up for updates!

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